retailinnovation in Rotterdam

Exhibition & Graphic Design, 2018

Retailution is the result of two years of research by researchers, students and teachers at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. In collaboration with Rotterdam retailers and retail stakeholders, they researched new initiatives that help small and medium-sized businesses in the inner city to give direction to the future.

Commissioned by Creating010 Research Centre Rotterdam I designed and executed the (visual) communication and Graphic Design of the exhibition. In collaboration with Irne Brouwer. With the stand design by Sophie Helene Dirven.

More about this project:

Single Project
Single Project

The common threads are storytelling, sustainability, social influencing, smart design and personalization of brands, products and services.

Single Project

Over two years, more than four hundred students and more than forty lecturers worked to make SME retailers more innovative in the Rotterdam city center.

Single Project

The aim was to increase the innovative capacity of retailers in the city center.

Single Project
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